Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A new love affair

My family went to (deep breath) Panaca a couple of weekends ago to visit my brother. Despite the population size of this small community, I actually really enjoy going up there to see him. Even though we end up playing guitar hero on the X-Box most of the time, I savor the time spent with my brother, his wife and 3 kids (I swear Alice, we don't use you for your video games)!

We make it a tradition to go up there every year after Thanksgiving, but I didn't make it last year because I was in the middle of radiation.

Before we left Panaca, we headed up to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree.

We always get a miniature size tree for the kids to put in their room and decorate.

We only had the boys (my girls were at Grandma's), so when we got home it was love at first sight for Drue. She saw the mini-tree and there was no separating her from its pokey needles and sad-disposition.

Upon tucking my kids in for the evening, this is what I found next to Drue:

The next morning, she insisted upon taking it to school with her. I gently told her that the tree needed to stay home or else it would die.


Yes. She is right. I stand corrected. What have I learned? I can't fool a 7 year old anymore.

Give Away Winner!!

Thank you for all the emails and posting comments for entries. I am constantly amazed at who actually reads this thing.

The winner of the 2 aprons is:



If you would please email me your information so I can get it shipped to you, I will process it right away.

I need your shipping address and telephone number.

Contact me at

Again, thanks for all the entries and all your love and support! I look forward to my next give away!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Give Away!!!

Here it is! The moment all my faithful readers have been waiting for. My first give-away!

I am giving away 2, not one but TWO adorable aprons.

Check out Rachel Ray Cookware to go with this awesome give away apron!


In order to be entered into this awesome giveaway, you will want to do one or more of the following (maximum of 3 entries):

1. Become a follower on this blog (if you already are a follower, email or post a comment stating so

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3. Tweet, blog, facebook, etc. about this giveaway and send me an email (see above email address) with a link to site posted.

For each entry, you will want to leave a comment on the blog with your initials, email or username. Deadline is by Tuesday 11 p.m. I will announce the winners on Wednesday, December 23 at at 11 or 12-ish depending on when I feel like it!

Like I mentioned before, I won't play favorites to friends and family, but you are still more than welcome to enter.

Merry Christmas to all and good luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

PaddiCakes Online

This is just a big thanks to everyone who showed up to a successful night. I had a lot of requests on facebook and this blog about the sale for out-of-towners.

I have continued the sale on our website for anyone not local. You will have to browse the website to see the huge discounts and sales.

Keep in mind that anything you might order WILL NOT be there by Christmas. It is too late and I just can't guarantee anything. I will do everything in my power to have everything out by Monday with anything that is ordered over the weekend.

If you are local and don't want to pay shipping, just call one of us and we will arrange for you to pick up your order.

Also, I am conducting a give-away on this blog. That's right. It is just a big THANK YOU to all of my readers. You are not going to want to miss it. There will be some rules on number of entries but I am super excited......I actually thought about keeping the item for myself, but I figured it is the least I can do for all my avid readers. Watch for that this coming Monday! (Sorry, I won't play favorites to friends or family. Winner will be selected at random).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PaddiCakes Blow Out Sale!

PaddiCakes is having a huge Blow Out End of Year Sale. Up to 75% off on marked inventory. You won't want to miss this.

When: Today, Wednesday, December 16

Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: Jedora Estate 2560 S. 1930 E (Gubler Home) St. George, UT

Why: Because we will be clearing out ALL our stuff to welcome in the new year of supplies. Everything must go!









Binky Clips


5 Piece Boy's Suits

Hair Bows

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I went to my doctor three weeks ago and got my breasts inflated. (Now there is a sentence you just don't hear enough).I honestly didn't know what to expect. I sort of imagined it to be similar to when I was 16. Don't make any unfair judgements now. I am referring to my braces!

I dreaded going in for my monthly tightening. It would always put me in a dull sort of aching mouthful of pain afterward. I could only eat soft foods. Of course, I wasn't really one for following rules in the first place. I always welcomed taffy and other sticky candies into my everyday consumption.

Getting back to the story: I always knew that those tightening would pay off. And it did. The day I got my braces off, I was a whole new teenager with a new found confidence.So, I go into my doctor 2 weeks ago and he decides it is time to had some bulk to my boobs. He explains the whole process. (I was trying to describe it to my husband, he was so fascinated he has decided to join me in my next inflation). I didn't feel a thing. I go home, continue on with the rest of my day, and then it hits me. Yeeeooowww! It really was like getting your braces tightened.

Fortunately, the pain subsided after a couple of days and I am now feeling better than ever. Now, I will refer back to my braces and find a similar outlook that one day, all this will pay off. I went in again on Monday for my second pump. I am officially at 75 cc's. (Sadly, this is what my natural size was.....)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twilight New Moon Bracelet

We recently participated in the Santa's Workshop here in St. George where we sold several things out of our store. One of the new things we made this year were these Twilight - New Moon Jewelry Pendants and bracelets. I have decided to offer these awesome bracelets on this blog today. You can check them out on the PaddiCake website or you can buy them here on my blog.

Either way, we do require payment up front because of the cost to make the bracelet. With that said, here it is:

- They measure 8" long and 7/8" wide.
- Each necklace is handcrafted with precision
- They are silver plated and high quality.
- They have six frames that contain New Moon pictures and Black and White Damask Patterns.
- 24" nickel plated ball chain.
- Works great when you want to personalize a gift for someone

Paddicakes is proud to bring you the latest fashionable hand made Twilight Bracelets. These bracelets are a Jill Mackay Collection.

This bracelet is unique as there is no other bracelet like it. Be the envy among all your Twilight Friends and be the first to own one. These bracelets will make great presents for the upcoming holidays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update Karen!

Firstly, a girl I went to highschool with has this amazing blog that has reviews and everything. Click here to read more. She created this fabulous button for Karen that you can click go straight to Karen's website to donate.

I am posting the button on this blog. If you want you can go here to copy and paste the button to your website/blog.

Secondly, I called Karen last week to find out the results of her PET Scan. I know how badly I get anxiety waiting to hear the results. I knew I could somewhat empathize with Karen. When she answered she sounded chipper than she had a few weeks prior. She happily and miraculously reported to me that the cancer was GONE!! What? I just about fell off my chair. Well, really I was driving so logically I just about swerved off the road (don't worry, blue tooth was in use). She told me that it didn't look like the chemo was effecting the cancer but somehow, with this last scan, the cancer was gone. It has only confirmed my belief in a Higher Power even more! I know He is what healed me and now Karen too. The doctors and everyone, including her and me, were so elated and amazed!

What a great way to start the Christmas season!

Thank you for all your support. She still needs help paying for all the chemo she had so if you still feel so inclined to help, just click the Paypal button to the right or her button.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Carin' for Karen

I am just trying to put the word out there....

Shortly after I was diagnosed, having a newborn baby and the stress of fighting cancer, I was being hard on myself. A few of my neighbors decided to hire their cleaning lady, Karen, to come and clean my home.

At my door I found one of the nicest people I had met in a long time. Karen not only cleaned my house that day, but continued to show up week after week, chemo after chemo, and clean. She wouldn't allow me to pay her. She told me if I payed her she would stop coming. I was so grateful for her. She was an answer to my prayers.

About 1 year later, Karen called me on the phone and told me she had Lymphoma. I was devastated to hear the news. I told her, of course, that it was contagious and she contracted it from me.

So far, chemo hasn't been working for Karen. I am not able to do much for her, so I am using this and my readers as a plea for help on behalf of Karen.She is having a 5K run/walk on November 28. ALL of the donations are going to her to help with the costs.Puh-lease! Help Karen. Even if you can't do the 5K you can click here. It will take you to her blogspot and you can donate through paypal. I will also post a paypal button on this website to the right and any donation would be kind. I may not be able to clean her home for her, but I certainly can rouse up some blog talk.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I know, it is 2 weeks after the date and I am just now getting to this post. In all honesty, I actually wrote this a weeks and a half ago....I just forgot to post it.

How is it that everyone LOVES Halloween. Am I really not a fun mom because I am not thrilled with it. I do love seeing my kids dressed up and I think my favorite part is painting there faces (see pictures below) but I really don't love the holiday like most people.

I don't like the thought of my kids getting candy that usually lasts us until the next major candied holiday (Valentine's Day) and then I have to regulate who gets what and listen to them fight over it.

I have always been the mom that makes all the kids dump their sugar in a communal bowl and they all share it. I regulate how much they eat each day. But, sometimes, a part of me wants them to just have at it just to get the darn stuff out and over with. Let them get belly aches and rotten teeth. How bad can it be....really?

That said, I will share my kids awesome photos. The only one I didn't get was Chay. I turned her into a bloody hippie. I dare say, she was one of my favorite ones.

Pooh Bear Ethan (you can't see the cowboy boots that makes up this ensemble).

Sith Lord Josh

Ballerina Drue

Shadow Ninja D'monte

Trailer Trash Husband

(He recently underwent some weightloss. The handlebar mustache is due to the fact that I just plain hate it and he is doing it to annoy me.....oh, I can hold out, I can....)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lori's, Vickie's, and Val's

These are the names I am giving my drugs.

Lori = Lortab

Vickie = Vicodin

Val = Valium

I had my post-op visits this past week. I have been taking the first 2 when I feel pain (shivering is the WORST).

I meet with Dr. Klomp (my reconstruction genius). He asked if I was on Valium. Huh? The first thing that pops into my head is The Freshmen by the The Verve Pipe, "His girl took a week's worth of Valium and slept..." (seriously, whatever happened to those guys)?

Isn't Valium for people who are overly excited?

He calmed me by saying it is only a muscle relaxer and he was only going to give me the lowest dose possible. "In fact," he said, "You can even take 2 if you need."

Hmmmm. So I came home, after a painful day of driving and no pain killers and took 2 Valium (the "lowest" dose possible). 30 minutes later, I was high as a kite. I even whomped my head on my boy's bunkbed and started giggling after I fell to the ground because I didn't really care.

Last night, as I was in pain again from shivering at my nephew's football game, I came home and Josh readily had 2 Valium for me. I replaced the one back to the bottle and told him I wasn't going to go there would be plenty.

"Awwww," he whined, "but you were so fun with 2."

And there you have it. A drugged mom and housewife with no chest and my husband is persuading me to take more drugs.

Eye on the prize. Eye on the prize.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I posted this on my other blog also, so if you read both, I apologize for being redundant.

Allow me to wallow in my own pity for a moment. I try not to do it often so just humor me

I consider myself to be a a fairly strong woman. I don't succumb to pain much. I force myself through it.

And now I will proceed to put my foot in my mouth and possibly feast on my own words here.

This surgery, by far, is the worst yet. They have finally removed my port (which I asked to a souvenir), cut off my left breast and place expander underneath the muscle in both sides of my chest. Not a whole lot of fun. I would really like to head home today but it is not looking very hopeful.

My Doctor asked me if I felt like a train wreck. That is putting it mildly. I told my husband it feels like a herd of Clydesdale horses stampeded my chest.
Don't let the innocent look fool you.....

Not once, and mean NOT ONCE, did I ever throw up from a single chemo treatment.

Just since the surgery I have already lost my cookies 3 times. I can't seem to keep anything down.....and the pain.....oh the pain....I dare say, it is worse than child birth. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. 6 months from now I will be a whole new women with a new set of boobs. Eye on the prize. Eye on the prize.

'Til then? I continue to eat crackers and be doped on morphine and lortab until they release me for home. One of the goals my nurses wrote on the whiteboard was to "Tolerate Diet." So far, not much luck!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am sitting here in the hospital pre-op waiting for my surgery and they just informed me it will be another hour.


When I came in they were routinely attempting to poke me with a needle to yield some blood for the lab. They couldn't find one to get enough juice out. I sarcastically had to tell them it was because I was instructed not to eat or drink anything since midnight last night so I am dehydrated.
What did they expect?!

My husband is in the corner, mourning the loss of the last of my ta-ta. Oh the pain and agony he must be going through....uh....yeah?

We took our family on the Cabo cruise and returned late Saturday. I arrived only to find out that the hospital was trying to reach me to register me for my surgery. It was this same surgery that I was told 2 weeks ago was "off" because both surgeons couldn't be present. Apparently while I was basking in the remnants Hurricane Rick, the doctors had a pow-wow and decided to put me back on their schedule. Which leads me to now. Sitting in the hospital room, starving, and waiting. Did I mention I am hungry?

At least this surgery I gain something from. In approximately 6 months I will be the proud owner of a new rack!

(Sorry, no pictures with this one.....if I did, I might get slapped for pornography. Although, is it pornography if there is technically nothin' there?)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Showers and hair

On my website, I post a weekly cancer joke. I know it is kind of cynnical but I do it anyway. I have been getting a lot of hits. This last week I posted this one:

What's the best thing about having cancer?

Shorter showers.

Although, I would like to think that this joke originally came from me.
After I shaved my hair (I shaved it the morning after my husband was stroking my head and clumps were falling out....another post....another time), I was taking a shower and routinely squirted a blob of shampoo in my hand and proceeded to lather, rinse, repeat. It dawned on me, as I was scrubbing my folicly challenged scalp, that there was nothing their to wash. I replaced the shampoo to its resting place for the next 9 months, never to be opened again during that time.

Soon after the loss of my hair, I discovered that I know longer needed to shave my legs nor pits. It was a heavenly experience. The last to go was my eyelashes and eyebrows. It occurred to me one day, while I was scraping mascara onto my eyelids and poking myself with little fine bristels, that it was probably a moot point. I retired the mascara. I did creative with my eyebrows and drew them on relative to my day (angry eyebrows, excited eyebrows, etc.).

All in all? My preparation time in the morning dropped to 5 minutes flat.
My husband would joke that our water bill had gone down substantially.
Hmmmm. Maybe so, but I still don't think a fair enough trade with all the doctor bills coming in....


I got my PET Scan yesterday. What a fun that ordeal always is!

Coupled with Anxiety and Starvation for the test, it made for a good day for me yesterday!

I will post the results later....but in case I forget, just assume that no news is good news!

Sunday, September 27, 2009



Swiss Days was amazing and I have all of you guys to thank! We did better than we could have ever imagined!

I will post all the remainder items for sale on our website within the next week!

Be on the look out for us at Santa's Workshop or Dickens Festival with new items and original creations (we haven't decided which one to do yet).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swiss Days

It's coming. Swiss Days. It is a wonderful tradition of my little town, Santa Clara. I am happy to announce that my business, PaddiCakes (see link to the right or click here) has a booth this year. We just got our new shipment of dresses and are also really excited to launch a few new products this year. We haven't got the new inventory on our website yet. Check back in later to see it all. If you are in the area, stop by our booth. Say "hi." Even if I don't seem to recognize you (darn chemo-head....I forget entirely too much lately)!

Swiss Days is this Friday and Saturday, September 25-26.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at some of our dresses:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I took these pictures the other day on Josh's first day of preschool. I love 'em. I have to give a shout out to my husband (who never reads this blog) for giving me such an awesome camera! Thanks babe! Love ya!

This is Ally, my neice. She is sooooo photogenic!

(don't forget to check out my website/other blog: Footloose and Cancer Free)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pure genuis...

Just to clarify the last post. The stunt performed by my kids were nothing less than an act of pure genius (sense the sarcasm in my writing). I am always getting after my kids to not do idiotic things that may cause harm. This was one of those.
No trampoline.
No soft cushioning to break the landing.
No water.
Just ground.
They thought it would be fun to see who could get the highest. I have the proof. Now, when they get hurt I can say, "I told you so."
I consistently tell them I don't have sympathy when they get hurt doing stunts like these.
Take Drue, for example, I walked in the living room just in time to see her jump off the chair on to nothing but carpet, flat on her rear. Oh. She cried. Did I show any emotion? Nope. I don't doubt that she hurt herself. I held her but told her it was only at the fault of herself.

It is only a miracle that we have never had any broken bones...knock on wood.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You decide

Is this safe?!

Is this safe?!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now I've done it...

I have created a new blog.
I am sending you all this link and encourage you to get the word out for me. That's right. I started this blog for people who want to relate to anything I have to say. It is called

Footloose and Cancer Free.

It is not just for people have cancer though. I am hoping to bring some humor and helpful insights to people of all ages. Feel free to leave comments and send me tips. I am more than happy to post any input anyone has to offer. Whether you have personally experienced it, know someone who has or just think you might have something useful to say drop me a word or 2 at
I may even publish your thoughts if you want me to.
So far, my first post I took from the inspiration of my Sister-in-Law, Claire. You may want to read her inspiring story of a painful in-grown toenail here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uh....I never know how to title my posts so this is all you get.

It's official. I am a slacker. We just spent a fantastic week in Georgia with family and friends. I took my camera to confirm the memories. However, everyplace we went, I forgot to actually take out my camera and snap the shots. I didn't get one single photo of the entire 8 days we were there. For all you know, we never went. There is no proof. No visual evidence of our stay other than my word.

It was beautiful and we had a pleasant time. The kids turned into fish and swam nearly all day everyday in the pool. My niece and nephew (Chay, 12 years old; D'monte, 8 years old) had never been on an airplane. The flight there was slightly bumpy. We sat in the very back of the plane and every time we hit turbulence the kids would whoop and hollar like a ride at Disneyland. The lady in front of me turned around at one point and said, "At least their having fun." I would have to agree. Ahhhhhh. To be a child again and enjoy some of the simpler things of life.

I need to first say that I am very happy to be healthy and alive. So, when you read the rest, you don't find me ungrateful.
I love my family and am thankful that I was literally give a second chance at life.
However.....(here it comes).....I am getting extremely frustrated with the insurance bureaucracy. I still have not gotten my 2nd mastectomy, even though I have a high percentage of it coming back if I don't get it done. My insurance has said they are not going to pay for it because it is not medically necessary. Wha?!?!?
So their reasoning is that they don't want to pay for it now because it is cosmetic, but they are willing to pay for me to go through chemo and radiation again (all of which cost waayyyyyy more than a simple mastectomy). Does any of this make sense? The only way they will cover the cost is if I have cancer in that side (thank heavens I don't) or if I test positive for the BRCA gene (a test that confirms you carry the breast cancer gene). Well, a year ago, they denied the claim of the BRCA test because they said I was at too much of a risk (meaning I was going to die anyway, so what is the point in paying for it)! Really, I am not making this up.
So, in conclusion? I am alive. Yippee! I am still in remission! I have a wonderful family! I am on my way to changing my gender.......okay just kidding on the last part. But sometimes that is how I feel. I have no reproductive organs, a half a set of ta-ta's, and my hair is still boy short (but growing rapidly).
Really, I am very grateful for everything I have. I just have months of frustration building up that I just released on this pathetic blog.
Any advice??????

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'll be the first to admit, this Yankee Meadow camping trip far exceeds last year. I think I actually could have stayed an extra day. Wha? Me? The secret? Short hair. (Or no hair). I have decided that the reason I could only camp a few days in the past years was because of my long luscious locks. If my hair gets dirty and greasy than I feel this nagging urge to take a shower and wash my hair. Last year, the bald crushed that feeling. This year? Well, short hair I think obliterated that thought. It was perfect weather and my kids had a fantastic time. I also give credit to my wonderful friend, Christin, who allowed me for the second year in a row to borrow her pop-up trailer. Last year, I had cancer and there was a good excuse. This year, I laid it all out and tried to come up with a good excuse to borrow the trailer but to no avail. I succumbed to my weakness and asked permission for the use of the running water, soft bed, heater at night camping pop-up trailer. It was heavenly. Thanks Christin! I guess I will retire the ol' cancer card.

D'monte, my nephew, who is living with us along with his sister, won the annual Rubber Duck race down the creek. My hats off to you, skilled rubber flotation device.

My neice, Meg, is quite the photographer. She is 11 and took this action shot of Chewy in the wilderness. He looks like some Super Dog out to rescue someone from a wild bear. I feel so much safer knowing that Chewy is with us....

Oh....this picture is just to show my friends and fam in far away distant lands that my hair is getting freakishly long.

Oh yes! And last but not least, I send shout outs to all the dad's! Happy Father's Day!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

blah blah....

Well, I know this is nutty, but....since I don't have cancer anymore, my blog has gone to the pot. I know. I was only cool when I had cancer.......However, I would gladly take a boring blog to cancer. Now my blog has just turned into the typical "mommy" blog with pictures of my kids. It was kind of like when you were little and took a family vacation. Afterwards, your parents would make you sit down and watch a slideshow of all the pictures, trying to re-live every exact moment through some snap shots with some occasional "ooooo's" and "ahhhhhh's" even though your thoughts had wandered to which toy you were going to hide so your brother or sister didn't have a fat chance of stealing it any more. what! Since I don't have cancer to make my blog interesting anymore, I will bore you with photo's of my awesomely fantastic family! I love my family and I love being a mom! I have nothing to hide!

The first stop we make down memory lane occured a little over a week ago. Ethan decided to ride the swivel go cart on his own down our steep driveway. When he hit the pavement he decided the best break was his forehead and shoulder. The picture tells the rest.

The next locale is at Josh's first T-Ball game. He was a trooper. I think it took more him out of him to kick the dirt in the outfield than it did up to bat.

Thirdly, we inherited (take a deep breath) a Chihuahua (let it out). Some friends of ours breed their Chihuahua and gave us one of the pups. His name is Chewy. Short for 3 things: 1 - he is a chew toy for Lexi, our other dog. 2 - he chews on everything (the obvious description). 3 - it is short for Chewbaca (spelling?) from Star Wars. I wasn't sure about him. I haven't quite connected with him yet but the kids love him. If any one has any tips on house training a dog, I would love to hear it! We are desparate!

The last stop I will be making was over Memorial weekend. We went up to my brother's house in Panaca and took the dirt bike we have been borrowing from a friend. It is an addicting little machine. The kids love it.
Unfortunately, for Ethan, the sunblock I applied to his face got in is eyes and he puffed up like a marshmellow in a hot camp fire. The last picture is evidence of his woes that details his lovely hamburger scar on his forehead and sightly swollen eyes. Poor Ethan, he just has a hard time. A guy at church even mentioned that we should buy him a helmet after he fell at Father's and Sons camp out this last weekend and smacked his already scarring head. I am seriously taking it into careful consideration.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Finally, the pictures to my swine infested flu cruise!

It was a super fun cruise. However, I will admit that having just went to Hawaii on a fabulous vaca with my hub, Mexico can probably guess. Not to mention, when we got off the ship it reeked of sewage. None-the-less, it was being with the women in my life that I love dearly.

I do need to give a public verbal apology to my niece. I slept on the top bunk in our inside cabin. My sister strategically placed her 10 month old daughter in the crib below me. In the middle of the night I got up to relieve my bladder. Routine. Unfortunately, I forgot where I was and that I was suspended 5 feet above the ground. I came crashing down on top of Tess. Since the rooms are pitch black, I couldn't figure out what had happened until my cousin flipped on the light to her rescue. I snapped the roll-a-way crib in 2 and left a sightly bruise the the poor baby's face. Fortunately, Carnival Cruise line didn't charge us for the damage.

In Mexico we went to La Bufadora which translates to.......blow hole. We were given $10 each for a competition to see who could come up with best souvenir from Mexico. Sona bought some Nacho Libre masks that were highly entertaining for us. Joi got a temp tat on some secured locations. I purchased a nacho libre wrestling box that included 4 wrestlers! A bargain if you aske me for only $5! (Even though I know they probably only paid .25 cents for it from China. the wee wrestling dudes were our entertainment at the dinner table that evening. It was a fun event that I will always remember, for more reasons than one. Looking forward to the next girls trip!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pork anyone?

I went on a "girls only" cruise this past weekend. Our only stop was in Ensenada. Mmmmm. Wonderful Ensenada. So....ahem....clean?

We saw 2 trucks of military personnell driving by. We didn't think anything of it and went about our day of blow hole seeing, adobada tacos, and negotiating a cheaper price for some Nacho Libre mask capes. It wasn't until we got back on the boat that evening that we saw on the news there was an outbreak of swine flu in Mexico. Hence, the military trucks (they were trying quarantine certain areas).

I would like to state for the record that I have not been infected. It is only natural for me to act paranoid and foam at the mouth. If you see me....just walk on by.

Girl's trip was loads of fun. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures yet because my sister took her camera and we decided to share the photos. She hasn't downloaded them.

I am still in the process of fighting my insurance to cover my remaining surgeries. Nothing new on that end.

I am getting excited for the summer!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have been home now for almost a month and still have not posted anything on my fabulous trip to Hawaii.

Of course, the pictures don't really do any justice.

The first two days we were there, it rained. Non-stop. Our flight was cancelled and we flew in a day late. So, Josh and I were less than excited to see all the rain. We wanted the sunny, warm Hawaii that you see in posters. By day 3, it was gorgeous. We saw TONS of whales. No joke. They were EVERYWHERE. Playing and breeching. When we snorkeled, we would dive down under the water deep enough to hear the whales. It was awesome.

We started on Oahu. THen Maui for 2 days where we snorkeled and beached.

It was off to the Big Island for 2 days, where we biked down the active volcano. This is a picture of us in front of the venting Molokai Crater.

Heading into a lava tube tunnel.

As we were disembarking from the Big Island, our Captain drove past the lava flowing into the ocean. I can't even being to describe how cool this was. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Then, we were in Kaui for 2 days. We rented mopeds and scootered all over half of the island. We saw many waterfalls. But, it was raining so we went to Wal*Mart to buy some ponchos, i.e. garbage bags. Josh was extremely embarrassed by my appearance.

On our way back to Oahu, we drove up the Napali coast. Incredible. Amazing. Breathtaking.

The last day was on Oahu, where we crammed Pearl Harbor, the Swap Meet, and the Polynesian Cultural Center in one day. The Cultural Center was neat. A perfect way to end the perfect vacation.

My only problem, if you can call it a problem, is now I want to live there. Ahhhh......wishful thinking.

(reading back on this, I realize it all sounded a bit like a first grade report. Sorry for the amateurity).