Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'll be the first to admit, this Yankee Meadow camping trip far exceeds last year. I think I actually could have stayed an extra day. Wha? Me? The secret? Short hair. (Or no hair). I have decided that the reason I could only camp a few days in the past years was because of my long luscious locks. If my hair gets dirty and greasy than I feel this nagging urge to take a shower and wash my hair. Last year, the bald crushed that feeling. This year? Well, short hair I think obliterated that thought. It was perfect weather and my kids had a fantastic time. I also give credit to my wonderful friend, Christin, who allowed me for the second year in a row to borrow her pop-up trailer. Last year, I had cancer and there was a good excuse. This year, I laid it all out and tried to come up with a good excuse to borrow the trailer but to no avail. I succumbed to my weakness and asked permission for the use of the running water, soft bed, heater at night camping pop-up trailer. It was heavenly. Thanks Christin! I guess I will retire the ol' cancer card.

D'monte, my nephew, who is living with us along with his sister, won the annual Rubber Duck race down the creek. My hats off to you, skilled rubber flotation device.

My neice, Meg, is quite the photographer. She is 11 and took this action shot of Chewy in the wilderness. He looks like some Super Dog out to rescue someone from a wild bear. I feel so much safer knowing that Chewy is with us....

Oh....this picture is just to show my friends and fam in far away distant lands that my hair is getting freakishly long.

Oh yes! And last but not least, I send shout outs to all the dad's! Happy Father's Day!!