Saturday, October 3, 2009

Showers and hair

On my website, I post a weekly cancer joke. I know it is kind of cynnical but I do it anyway. I have been getting a lot of hits. This last week I posted this one:

What's the best thing about having cancer?

Shorter showers.

Although, I would like to think that this joke originally came from me.
After I shaved my hair (I shaved it the morning after my husband was stroking my head and clumps were falling out....another post....another time), I was taking a shower and routinely squirted a blob of shampoo in my hand and proceeded to lather, rinse, repeat. It dawned on me, as I was scrubbing my folicly challenged scalp, that there was nothing their to wash. I replaced the shampoo to its resting place for the next 9 months, never to be opened again during that time.

Soon after the loss of my hair, I discovered that I know longer needed to shave my legs nor pits. It was a heavenly experience. The last to go was my eyelashes and eyebrows. It occurred to me one day, while I was scraping mascara onto my eyelids and poking myself with little fine bristels, that it was probably a moot point. I retired the mascara. I did creative with my eyebrows and drew them on relative to my day (angry eyebrows, excited eyebrows, etc.).

All in all? My preparation time in the morning dropped to 5 minutes flat.
My husband would joke that our water bill had gone down substantially.
Hmmmm. Maybe so, but I still don't think a fair enough trade with all the doctor bills coming in....


I got my PET Scan yesterday. What a fun that ordeal always is!

Coupled with Anxiety and Starvation for the test, it made for a good day for me yesterday!

I will post the results later....but in case I forget, just assume that no news is good news!


Big Mama! said...

Wow, I love how you take what could be devastating and sad turn it into humor and a great learning experience. People really need you for this, I can only imagine what a tool you are to them.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

you're hilarious! I remember seeing your "angry" eyebrows. Or was it just a pic? I am all about cutting the getting ready time down. That would be nice. Oh, and not having to shave.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

that was claire

Karen E said...

It is so good to hear the humor about cancer, it brings back some happy memories for me when I spent more time with you. I absolutely have to agree about the shower. I LOVED saying, "I will be ready in just a minute", and IT WAS TRUE!! I have to admit, I miss that part, especially the no hair on legs, I wonder if we will have leg hair in heaven, anyway, I had no idea you were going to have a PET scan, is your health coverage going to cover that? That was an ANXIOUS day for me waiting to get the results because we know we have to accept WHAT IS, and whatever it is could change the course of our lives, whether it be for a year or more. I have a great feeling that it will be clear. Please let us all know!! LOVE YOU, Karen

Jerry said...

I was getting ready to send that e=mail and realized that I don't have yours. Could you send it to me?