Saturday, November 21, 2009

Carin' for Karen

I am just trying to put the word out there....

Shortly after I was diagnosed, having a newborn baby and the stress of fighting cancer, I was being hard on myself. A few of my neighbors decided to hire their cleaning lady, Karen, to come and clean my home.

At my door I found one of the nicest people I had met in a long time. Karen not only cleaned my house that day, but continued to show up week after week, chemo after chemo, and clean. She wouldn't allow me to pay her. She told me if I payed her she would stop coming. I was so grateful for her. She was an answer to my prayers.

About 1 year later, Karen called me on the phone and told me she had Lymphoma. I was devastated to hear the news. I told her, of course, that it was contagious and she contracted it from me.

So far, chemo hasn't been working for Karen. I am not able to do much for her, so I am using this and my readers as a plea for help on behalf of Karen.She is having a 5K run/walk on November 28. ALL of the donations are going to her to help with the costs.Puh-lease! Help Karen. Even if you can't do the 5K you can click here. It will take you to her blogspot and you can donate through paypal. I will also post a paypal button on this website to the right and any donation would be kind. I may not be able to clean her home for her, but I certainly can rouse up some blog talk.


Kimi @ SoManyKidsSoLittleTime said...

Paige do you mind if I repost this on my blog? I'd love to help out if possible. You can email me at kimkayjohnson AT gmail DOT com


Christin said...

Where is the 5K being held. I'd love to do it.