Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now I've done it...

I have created a new blog.
I am sending you all this link and encourage you to get the word out for me. That's right. I started this blog for people who want to relate to anything I have to say. It is called

Footloose and Cancer Free.

It is not just for people have cancer though. I am hoping to bring some humor and helpful insights to people of all ages. Feel free to leave comments and send me tips. I am more than happy to post any input anyone has to offer. Whether you have personally experienced it, know someone who has or just think you might have something useful to say drop me a word or 2 at
I may even publish your thoughts if you want me to.
So far, my first post I took from the inspiration of my Sister-in-Law, Claire. You may want to read her inspiring story of a painful in-grown toenail here.