Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uh....I never know how to title my posts so this is all you get.

It's official. I am a slacker. We just spent a fantastic week in Georgia with family and friends. I took my camera to confirm the memories. However, everyplace we went, I forgot to actually take out my camera and snap the shots. I didn't get one single photo of the entire 8 days we were there. For all you know, we never went. There is no proof. No visual evidence of our stay other than my word.

It was beautiful and we had a pleasant time. The kids turned into fish and swam nearly all day everyday in the pool. My niece and nephew (Chay, 12 years old; D'monte, 8 years old) had never been on an airplane. The flight there was slightly bumpy. We sat in the very back of the plane and every time we hit turbulence the kids would whoop and hollar like a ride at Disneyland. The lady in front of me turned around at one point and said, "At least their having fun." I would have to agree. Ahhhhhh. To be a child again and enjoy some of the simpler things of life.

I need to first say that I am very happy to be healthy and alive. So, when you read the rest, you don't find me ungrateful.
I love my family and am thankful that I was literally give a second chance at life.
However.....(here it comes).....I am getting extremely frustrated with the insurance bureaucracy. I still have not gotten my 2nd mastectomy, even though I have a high percentage of it coming back if I don't get it done. My insurance has said they are not going to pay for it because it is not medically necessary. Wha?!?!?
So their reasoning is that they don't want to pay for it now because it is cosmetic, but they are willing to pay for me to go through chemo and radiation again (all of which cost waayyyyyy more than a simple mastectomy). Does any of this make sense? The only way they will cover the cost is if I have cancer in that side (thank heavens I don't) or if I test positive for the BRCA gene (a test that confirms you carry the breast cancer gene). Well, a year ago, they denied the claim of the BRCA test because they said I was at too much of a risk (meaning I was going to die anyway, so what is the point in paying for it)! Really, I am not making this up.
So, in conclusion? I am alive. Yippee! I am still in remission! I have a wonderful family! I am on my way to changing my gender.......okay just kidding on the last part. But sometimes that is how I feel. I have no reproductive organs, a half a set of ta-ta's, and my hair is still boy short (but growing rapidly).
Really, I am very grateful for everything I have. I just have months of frustration building up that I just released on this pathetic blog.
Any advice??????


Christin said...

I laughed about the one set of "ta-ta's". I still say you sue em. At least threaten to sue the SOB's and maybe you'll get some action. RIDICULOUS!


The Bristol Family said...

They are so heartless and really they don't make any sense.
Crazy R-tards!
You deserve to get what you want, and I hope they pull their heads out! Okay, that was my vent. I thought your post was funny. Especially the boy part. I guess you can start going by Peter instead of Paige? Call me if you need anything. I'm in the book.

The Allred Family said...

that's hilarious. i love this post about your frustrations. funny funny girl. it was great to see you and one day, when i am really on teh ball and not out of town, i will email you the pics i got of your fam!

The Baker Family said...

lol you are so funny, don't be goin boy on me!!! I don't know how I would take it, or your husband, or your kids would take it, for that matter!!
I'm goin to vegas again soon. I'll stop by and see you on the way!!

Sona said...

So does this mean I can start calling you Paul?

Jamie Sue said...

Unbelievable! Insurance companies are SO ridiculous sometimes!! Sorry they're being such a pain for you.

Emily Albrechtsen said...

P-diddy, I'm so sorry to hear about this runaround. There's a family here going through similar struggles with cluster headaches. The father had brain surgery today, without insurance coverage and the community raised over $35,000 ... in change ... for the estimated $80,000 procedure. Keep your head up ... You'll find a way. Love you.