Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pure genuis...

Just to clarify the last post. The stunt performed by my kids were nothing less than an act of pure genius (sense the sarcasm in my writing). I am always getting after my kids to not do idiotic things that may cause harm. This was one of those.
No trampoline.
No soft cushioning to break the landing.
No water.
Just ground.
They thought it would be fun to see who could get the highest. I have the proof. Now, when they get hurt I can say, "I told you so."
I consistently tell them I don't have sympathy when they get hurt doing stunts like these.
Take Drue, for example, I walked in the living room just in time to see her jump off the chair on to nothing but carpet, flat on her rear. Oh. She cried. Did I show any emotion? Nope. I don't doubt that she hurt herself. I held her but told her it was only at the fault of herself.

It is only a miracle that we have never had any broken bones...knock on wood.


Christin said...

You are as sympathetic as I am with my kids. We're two of a kind.


The Baker Family said...

hahahahahahahaha That so funny!!! I think your camera angle makes it look higher than they really are. You crack me up!

Big Mama! said...

Hmm, no sympathy for stupidity. I like it. I am going to use it on my own kids.