Sunday, May 31, 2009

blah blah....

Well, I know this is nutty, but....since I don't have cancer anymore, my blog has gone to the pot. I know. I was only cool when I had cancer.......However, I would gladly take a boring blog to cancer. Now my blog has just turned into the typical "mommy" blog with pictures of my kids. It was kind of like when you were little and took a family vacation. Afterwards, your parents would make you sit down and watch a slideshow of all the pictures, trying to re-live every exact moment through some snap shots with some occasional "ooooo's" and "ahhhhhh's" even though your thoughts had wandered to which toy you were going to hide so your brother or sister didn't have a fat chance of stealing it any more. what! Since I don't have cancer to make my blog interesting anymore, I will bore you with photo's of my awesomely fantastic family! I love my family and I love being a mom! I have nothing to hide!

The first stop we make down memory lane occured a little over a week ago. Ethan decided to ride the swivel go cart on his own down our steep driveway. When he hit the pavement he decided the best break was his forehead and shoulder. The picture tells the rest.

The next locale is at Josh's first T-Ball game. He was a trooper. I think it took more him out of him to kick the dirt in the outfield than it did up to bat.

Thirdly, we inherited (take a deep breath) a Chihuahua (let it out). Some friends of ours breed their Chihuahua and gave us one of the pups. His name is Chewy. Short for 3 things: 1 - he is a chew toy for Lexi, our other dog. 2 - he chews on everything (the obvious description). 3 - it is short for Chewbaca (spelling?) from Star Wars. I wasn't sure about him. I haven't quite connected with him yet but the kids love him. If any one has any tips on house training a dog, I would love to hear it! We are desparate!

The last stop I will be making was over Memorial weekend. We went up to my brother's house in Panaca and took the dirt bike we have been borrowing from a friend. It is an addicting little machine. The kids love it.
Unfortunately, for Ethan, the sunblock I applied to his face got in is eyes and he puffed up like a marshmellow in a hot camp fire. The last picture is evidence of his woes that details his lovely hamburger scar on his forehead and sightly swollen eyes. Poor Ethan, he just has a hard time. A guy at church even mentioned that we should buy him a helmet after he fell at Father's and Sons camp out this last weekend and smacked his already scarring head. I am seriously taking it into careful consideration.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Finally, the pictures to my swine infested flu cruise!

It was a super fun cruise. However, I will admit that having just went to Hawaii on a fabulous vaca with my hub, Mexico can probably guess. Not to mention, when we got off the ship it reeked of sewage. None-the-less, it was being with the women in my life that I love dearly.

I do need to give a public verbal apology to my niece. I slept on the top bunk in our inside cabin. My sister strategically placed her 10 month old daughter in the crib below me. In the middle of the night I got up to relieve my bladder. Routine. Unfortunately, I forgot where I was and that I was suspended 5 feet above the ground. I came crashing down on top of Tess. Since the rooms are pitch black, I couldn't figure out what had happened until my cousin flipped on the light to her rescue. I snapped the roll-a-way crib in 2 and left a sightly bruise the the poor baby's face. Fortunately, Carnival Cruise line didn't charge us for the damage.

In Mexico we went to La Bufadora which translates to.......blow hole. We were given $10 each for a competition to see who could come up with best souvenir from Mexico. Sona bought some Nacho Libre masks that were highly entertaining for us. Joi got a temp tat on some secured locations. I purchased a nacho libre wrestling box that included 4 wrestlers! A bargain if you aske me for only $5! (Even though I know they probably only paid .25 cents for it from China. the wee wrestling dudes were our entertainment at the dinner table that evening. It was a fun event that I will always remember, for more reasons than one. Looking forward to the next girls trip!