Thursday, December 10, 2009


I went to my doctor three weeks ago and got my breasts inflated. (Now there is a sentence you just don't hear enough).I honestly didn't know what to expect. I sort of imagined it to be similar to when I was 16. Don't make any unfair judgements now. I am referring to my braces!

I dreaded going in for my monthly tightening. It would always put me in a dull sort of aching mouthful of pain afterward. I could only eat soft foods. Of course, I wasn't really one for following rules in the first place. I always welcomed taffy and other sticky candies into my everyday consumption.

Getting back to the story: I always knew that those tightening would pay off. And it did. The day I got my braces off, I was a whole new teenager with a new found confidence.So, I go into my doctor 2 weeks ago and he decides it is time to had some bulk to my boobs. He explains the whole process. (I was trying to describe it to my husband, he was so fascinated he has decided to join me in my next inflation). I didn't feel a thing. I go home, continue on with the rest of my day, and then it hits me. Yeeeooowww! It really was like getting your braces tightened.

Fortunately, the pain subsided after a couple of days and I am now feeling better than ever. Now, I will refer back to my braces and find a similar outlook that one day, all this will pay off. I went in again on Monday for my second pump. I am officially at 75 cc's. (Sadly, this is what my natural size was.....)


Christin said...

Look forward to the end goal. No pain no gain right?

Big Mama said...

All I can do is laugh hysterically when I read your posts. I remember getting my braces tightened too. It was a good time for a 3 day fast. Thanks for putting in a way I would understand. So, I gues congrats are in order...? If so, Congrats!

The Allred Family said...

you are sooo funny. Love it. Can't wait to see your melons! :)