Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am sitting here in the hospital pre-op waiting for my surgery and they just informed me it will be another hour.


When I came in they were routinely attempting to poke me with a needle to yield some blood for the lab. They couldn't find one to get enough juice out. I sarcastically had to tell them it was because I was instructed not to eat or drink anything since midnight last night so I am dehydrated.
What did they expect?!

My husband is in the corner, mourning the loss of the last of my ta-ta. Oh the pain and agony he must be going through....uh....yeah?

We took our family on the Cabo cruise and returned late Saturday. I arrived only to find out that the hospital was trying to reach me to register me for my surgery. It was this same surgery that I was told 2 weeks ago was "off" because both surgeons couldn't be present. Apparently while I was basking in the remnants Hurricane Rick, the doctors had a pow-wow and decided to put me back on their schedule. Which leads me to now. Sitting in the hospital room, starving, and waiting. Did I mention I am hungry?

At least this surgery I gain something from. In approximately 6 months I will be the proud owner of a new rack!

(Sorry, no pictures with this one.....if I did, I might get slapped for pornography. Although, is it pornography if there is technically nothin' there?)


The Leishman's said...

Good luck! Call me if you need ANYHTING! xoxo

Big Mama! said...

Good Luck with everything! I never thought I would being saying this to anyone, but Congrats on the new ta-tas!

Rachel said...

Good luck and speedy recovery. And congrats to you and your husband for your new body parts!?

The Baker Family said...

Oh, poor Josh!! Will they let you keep it in a bottle for him??? LOL (a little Halloween humor, I guess?)