Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay, so to answer a question from my cousin and so many people like her, why haven't they removed the tumor already?

I may not be able to answer it clearly, but it was a question I had to. When they explained it, it made sense, but when I try to explain it....not much sense is going on there. And, with that, here you go:

They haven't removed the tumor yet because they were trying to contain the cancer from spreading further. Also, the size of the tumor presented somewhat of a problem with removal so they were trying to shrink it first, which it has. Furthermore (this is how my doc put it), cancer is like a dandelion where when you blow on it the little white seedlings spread everywhere all of your grass and place little seedlets. Having the chemo first will kill off all of those little seedlets and prevent them from sprouting new dandelions. That is how he put it. I think he might have that metaphor patent pending so nobody better try and reuse it. You might have to pay him a royalty. Kind of like how 7-eleven owned the patent for the word "slushy." No joke. I learned that a long time ago.

I know....useless information.

Anyway, I go for another PET Scan tomorrow to determine when they want to perform the surgery. If things look good then they might not have to wait for the 8th treatment of chemo to do the surgery. Oh, I will still have to have many, many more treatments but at least they can get "Up Chuck" as my mom named it, out!

I spent the night in the hospital last night. My red blood cell count was low last week so they told me to go get some blood drawn on Memorial Day so they could verify the need for a transfusion. My blood measured just above the need for a transfusion so they decided to give me a shot instead that would help boost the count. I started to have chest (heart) pain so I called the Dr.'s office to see what I should do. They instructed me to go to the ER to have my blood checked again and to make sure I didn't have a blood clot or something like that. I went in and after several tests, they confirmed that there were no clots roaming around. The chest pain was a side effect of the shot they gave me. However, my red blood cell count had plummeted again and they were going to keep me overnight for a transfusion. Yea! This meant that hopefully my dizziness would subside. After 2 units of blood, I am back home and feeling pretty good. They said it did bring my counts back up but not all the way so I would probably still feel tired. True, but the dizziness has gone away.

Enough of me.

My son was having a rough day the other day. He needed a haircut so I asked him if I could cut it. He said, "Like mommy's?" I said, "Sure!"

After going as short as 1/2" he felt his head and said, "No mommy, is not done!" So I went down to 1/4". Still, no satisfaction. Finally, I took it all off he was happy. I included some pictures of his happy bald head. I, of course, think he looks adorable. I asked Drue if she wanted to join. She still doesn't want to. She and Ethan are the only ones who remain behind, but it won't be long before we shave Ethan too. Poor Drue. The only one in the family with a full head of hair. What's wrong with that picture?

Thank you again, for all your love, thoughts, prayers and support. I love you all very much!


(Can anyone tell me how I add your blog to my blog? I am still learning.)


Karen E said...

I have been waiting and watching for your latest update on your blog. I knew there was the possibility of the transfusion, and I was wondering what happened. Was the shot they gave you called "aeronesp?" I have had two of those, but never chest pain. I am so sorry for all the trouble all this is causing you. I am glad your dizziness has subsided. The tiredness must be from having a new baby, and 2 other kids. Very understandable. How did you feel when you were at the hospital? Were you at peace? How's the blessings coming, you certainly have lots of reasons to have one, or two. How has the nausea been this go around? I will email you later since I am taking up so much room. I love you and am praying for you. Love, Karen PS Your bald is beautiful on everyone in the family!!

Chauncey said...

hey girl
when i had solomon i had chest pains and they were afraid of clots in my lungs. I had such a bad day that day. i apprecaited my life a bit more after the scare was gone and new I was going to be ok. i'm sure you have been "appreciating life" more lately too. you have been handling your moments awesome!!
love you lil' sis.

Lindsie said...

hi paige! ok, so to be positive, at least it is shrinking, right? i'm still praying for you every night! josh and adam came over for some lunch at my parents the other day and i got to talk to him a little. sounds like your getting tons of help from the ward and friends. question is... what can i do??? as for adding friends to your blog... you have to go into the layout and add a page element. then click on the link list. its pretty simple. you just have to put the name of the blog and then copy and paste the link. hopefully that made a little sense. just go to layout and i'm sure you'll figure it out, your smart.:) you guys are so cute with your shaved heads!! send me your e-mail, so i can send you an invite to my blog ok?!

Alayna Williamson said...

Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense to me - the dandelion scenario. I'm so glad to hear that "Up Chuck" is shrinking. See you soon.

- Alayna