Saturday, May 3, 2008

Paige Update

This is my "post-chemo #2" update. Paige had chemo again on April 25th. She was much better going into it this time because she hadn't just had surgery. All in all it went about as smooth as a session of chemo can go. It lasted close to 4 hours this time. Then the next 4 - 5 days were not so fun again. Pain, nausea, cold, lack of appetite, sores in mouth, tender scalp, dry skin, and oh falling out. Other than that, all is well.
Seriously, Paige and Josh are real troopers! Even as misreable as Paige gets for these days, she is always optimistic and trys to be up-beat. Don't get me wrong, she has her down times but they seem to be few and far between. I am so proud of them both and the love they show to one another all of the time. Drue and mini Josh are big helpers too........ah.....hmmmmm! They like to hold little Ethen Mac and feed him and mother him and kiss on him alot! They really are great little kids!
On the Sunday after her chemo, because her hair was beginning to vacate the premis, Dave and I went over to take pictures while Paige shaved Josh's head then he shaved hers. What a beautiful act of love they shared. I must say, Josh looks really good with his head shaved and it is finally starting to get tan. And Paige looks absolutely beautiful! Not many woman can look as great as she does with no hair! She wears a hat or scarves when she goes out and even at home to keep her head warm. She wears her wig occasionally but says it bothers her so she prefers hats and scarves until she gets more used to it. But any way you look at her I think you would agree that she really looks beautiful!
On Monday, Sona, Paige and I are going to Las Vegas and do a little shopping and have lunch. We are looking forward to this little change of events. In the meantime, Paige has been going to the Gym and to her Hip Hop class to keep some normalcy in her life.
She truly is one in a million....billion....trillion....well, you get the point.
Thank you again for all of the love and for all of your prayers and concern. Please keep it all coming, you can't imagine how much it helps all of us as a family!
My love to you all........Mary Lee

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The Allred Family said...

how fun tokeep in touch with you all thru this blog. Thank you so much for setting this up! Josh and Paige are awesome. And they are SO lucky to have you guys thru all this.