Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good news!

Alright! I am so excited. Firstly, I don't have to have a treatment this Friday so I will actually get to enjoy my time camping with the entire family. "Why?" You ask? Well, I went to the doc yesterday and he said my PET Scan looked really really good. He said instead of waiting after the 8th chemo treatment to have surgery, he just wanted to get the little bugger out immediately. Yeah! I get to have my breast whacked off. I know. I never thought I would be excited to hear myself say that. In addition to this fantastic news, he said I would probably only need 4 more treatments instead of the originally intended 12! He said, and these are his exact words, "This has been kick butt chemo." I would have to agree.

So, on Monday I go in for my first mastectomy. I will have the other one removed when I am all done with chemo and radiation and all cancer free! Celebrate with me! I am!

In other news, we blessed Ethan this weekend. Josh's family came to visit and it was wonderful having them here. I have pictures of the blessing but Josh took the camera to work with him today so I won't be able to post the pictures until later.

My family made a beautiful quilt for me. It is absolutely gorgeous and I cried when I saw it. Again, I will have to post a picture of that one later too. I just didn't want to wait to share the good news!

This picture is of all my in-laws in Georgia. They decided that instead of shaving there heads they would strike a pose with bald caps for me to show there support. I especially love the painted on eyebrows!

Enjoy. I will post more later!



Heather said...

That is such great news that the chemo worked so well. Good Luck with the surgery!

Karen E said...

It's a miracle, no doubt. The Lord cannot resist so many people praying for you, combined with your faith, He says, "Thy Faith hath made thee whole" I figured the Doc had good news for you since they were changing your treatment, but I couldn't wait to hear the good news, thank you for sharing it with all of us. Prayers will still continue to go up from my house Love you, Karen

daisy said...

That IS great news. I love that picture of the family. How fun. So after the removal of the breasts do you get to put some new ones back in? Any size? Just wondering. We will be thinking of you on Monday. Good luck.

Edwards Family said...

Wow! Congrats! That is really really great news. I'm glad you are able to go enjoy your camping trip with your family without being miserable. We're keeping you guys in our prayers!

Edwards Family said...

By the way, I've always wondered how Josh's family took it when you found out you had cancer? You know, after he called last summer and told them that you had tests done and they had found a blastocyst. Did they wonder what he was up to? Josh makes me laugh!

Alayna Williamson said...

Yipee!!! That is great news.

- Alayna

Emily Albrechtsen said...

Hey Paige ... how are you? I've been thinking a lot about you. I hope you are still kicking butt!

XOXO Cousin Emily =)