Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mom's Point of View

I decided it is my turn to give you an update from my point of view.
Paige, Sona, little E Mac and I went to Las Vegas for a day of R & R. Okay maybe not so much. We did shop until I was ready to drop. I think the pregnant one and the one with cancer did better than me. Ugh! We really did have a good time. It was just really nice to get away and leave the real world behind for a day. But reality set in again when we was walking back to my car and Paige said, "Mom, you have a flat." I proceeded to check out the tires on the stroller that was supporting me. Nope. No flat. She then said, "Mom, YOU have a flat." I knew for sure she was not talking about my belly but thought she was referring to my lack of energy while trying to navigate the slight incline into the parking garage. Nope. She was referring to the back rear tire on my car! Great! Here I am with a pregnant woman, one with cancer and a new baby, and me too old and too tired too even think about it! Lucky for us a very good Samaritan came along and noticed our dilemma and changed our tire for us. WHEW! That was really a close one. The only down side of having a flat tire in Vegas with a nice long drive home, is that when you put a donut spare on you can only drive 50 mph! That made the trip home even longer.....almost 4 hours! But what would a trip of any kind be without a little adventure?
So now for more on the chemo follow-up. It seems to get a little harder with each chemo for Paige. She gets such an awful headache each time. And this time she was much more nauseated and weak. Last weekend she hit a temperature of 102 when she is not supposed to go over 100.5 so that was just a little unnerving. But it was managed very nicely with the antibiotics and Tylenol. Since then she has been doing pretty darn good. On Tuesday she and Sona brought the kids over to my house and we took them down to the new Rec. Center swimming. We had a good time and the kids all had a blast. Paige took Drue and Jake down the BIG hydro tube a couple of times. I tell you, if you didn't know better you would never know she has this pesky disease.
I told her she should name her tumors "UP" and "Chuck". That just says it all! We are so happy that "Chuck" is shrinking!
Well tomorrow is chemo #4 so we'll post more later.
My personal thanks to all of Paige's neighbor's, ward members, and friends that have given so much of their time to help Paige and Josh and the family. I can never thank all of you enough. Also to our families for all of the help, the love, and the support you have shown and continue to show every day.
I love you all!

Mary Lee


Alayna Williamson said...

Death to "UP" and "Chuck"! So glad to hear that it is shrinking. I'm curious, maybe sometime when you post, you could explain why they haven't operated and taken it out. Anyway, we will be praying for you tomorrow. Good Luck. We can't wait to see you. We will be there the 2nd weekend of June.

- Alayna

Emily Jean said...

Ethan is just the cutest! Way to rock on Paige!

The Allred Family said...

it's great that you guys are keeping it real and not letting it effect your attitude and love for life.