Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is Ethan....trying to fill his drawers. Lovely, eh?

I have decided the world would be better off without hair. I am discovering how easy my life is without it. I think you all need to try it at least once. Think of the cost you save on shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, getting your hair done once every 3-4 months, any hair products. Also, the shower time is cut in half! No shaving, shampooing. Just in and out! No hair to do in the morning. It is also not as hot! Truly, if any of you are on the fence about shaving your head, I say....go for it! I have been trying to convince my daughter now for weeks but she is still too scared to. Tsk! Tsk! There would be no passing of judgement when you run into that old highschool friend that still has their graduation haircut. You wouldn't have to nudge your husband or friend when someone walked by with "the Claw" on their head from 1989. Ahhhhh.......just think of the possibilities!

All is well here. I had a bit of a fever this weekend but I was put on antibiotics and tylenol. Since, I have been fine.

The good news? My tumor has shrunk 2 centimeters! Yep! I am now down to 3 centimeters. This calls for celebration.

I am going in for my fourth chemo this Friday. Josh and I fill our Thursday nights like it is New Years Eve. We pull out the junk food and throw on a movie. It is our last chance to have a good time before the blech.

This last picture is of the airplane cake I made for Josh on his birthday back in April. Oh no. Not little Josh. My husband. Yep. He loved it. If any of you out there are bakers or cake decorators, I would love some tips. This sad little thing didn't last for the candles to go out. It still tasted good though and that is all that matters!
I love all your comments and I love hearing from you.

Thanks for all you do!


Monica M said...

Sorry you don't know me but I am a friend of Lacey's and she gave a link on her blog. I have three kids as well. Your cake is cool. I love to make cakes. Heres a tip. Make 2 cake mixes pour 1 1/2 into a sheet cake pan (jelly roll pan with the sides). Bake until done and then freeze. You can cut out any shape you want and use the rest of the batter for cupcakes. Thought I would share. Good luck with the chemo, miracles do happen. I have one cake on my blog.

Karen E said...

It was so good to see you today, you really make me feel better when I see you. I was so anxious about this chemo today, but after talking to you, I felt much better. When I got home, I felt even better, and found myself folding laundry, wooo, I did feel good. It's 9pm now and the headache is starting along with the nausea. I feel like I ate a huge meal, and it's still at the top of my throat. sound familiar? I did take some meds, and I am able to visit with my family. After you left, my daughter from Las Vegas came, she wanted to meet you, but another time.
I cannot tell you how excited I am about the shrinking tumor. IT MEANS THIS MEDICINE IS WORKING!! I can't tell you how good this news makes me. Sorry this is a long comment, maybe next time I will just email you.
I love you so much, Love, Karen

The Allred Family said...

that cake is pretty awesome. I don't think you need tips. I am going to attempt a truck cake for Link's 2nd in June. We'll see how that goes. We were sooo happy to hear that the tumor shrunk! Yeah!