Friday, January 9, 2009

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This blog is my testimony of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. My hats off to the person who I deem a genius for coming up with a miracle concoction that removes anything and everything. You deserve a Nobel Prize.

I shall now refer you to exhibit A:

I had playgroup at my house yesterday. After all the kids were gone and I was cleaning up the remnants, the phone rang. It was my sister. Just as I picked up the phone located in our bathroom I came across this lovely piece of artwork, compliments to a dapper young fella in my playgroup.

It didn't take me long to guess the culprit. The names said it all...

My sister calmly told me to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. After all, I did have an entire garbage sack full of them. (I gave them as white elephants to family for Christmas). I was skeptical. The proof was on top of the counter. A black, permanent sharpie.

I waited for Josh to get home. He casually retrieves the "Magic."

The verdict? Clean. I thank Luke for his Picasso masterpiece; however, I will be sending his mom a bag of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for Christmas, Birthday, Hanukuh, St. Patricks Day and Valentine's Day. Maybe even the 4th of July. (Thanks Christin!! I love Luke and I love having him in play group.)


Jamie Sue said...

I have thought about doing a post about the magic eraser as well. It works wonders for getting all the black spots off of your stovetop in minutes!!

Christin said...

Oh Paige. First it's Drew's glasses and now this? Do you want me to beat him for you. I'll tell you something, Natalie did her own name. The dot on the i is very telling. Dang kids. They NEVER do that at my house. (:


Alayna Williamson said...

Paige -

I wear by the Magic Eraser too!! They truly are magic. But tell all your bloggers to never use it on skin! My friend used one to get a marker masterpiece off her kid (he drew all over himself) and the eraser took it right off, but it left a NASTY rash and blisters!

Love your posts - keep 'em coming!

- Alayna

The Allred Family said...

hilarious! That kid is not a smooth criminal. GEEZ! Just incriminate yourself why don't ya!