Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Horse Shampoo" and christmas too!

Yeah! Hooray for Christmas! I hope you all got what you wished for and more. I know I did. I had my prayers answered to live each day in gratitude that I am healthy (or near) and alive.
Josh got me some Mane 'n' Tail shampoo for christmas. He couldn't remember what it was called so he walked around Wal*Mart asking employees if they knew where the "horse shampoo" was. It wasn't until he called my sis that she told him it was in the pet section and called Mane 'n' Tail. It is suppose to help your hair grow quick and thick. I have had many people testify of its use so I figured I would give it a try. Hey....what's the worse that could happen? My hair fall out and I am bald again? Been there. Done that.

As I am sure many of you know of the snow we had here the past week. For those of you not from here, I posted some pictures. We actually woke up to snow on Christmas day as well but it wasn't as much. Las Vegas got 3" of snow. Crazy weather.


Some of the neighborhood kids decided to sledding down the hill on the sidewalk where my house sits. Pretty entertaining...

My kids excuse of a snowman. Really? Celery sticks for arms? (Josh's idea....Dad Josh)

Drue asked for a "marry dress" this year. "Grandma" Santa made it for her.

Josh asked for a bike which he has been riding non stop around our house.

Ethan got wrapping paper! Or at least that is what he was most interested in.

Drue has entirely too many questions for a 6 year old on Christmas. When I was that I age I don't remember asking questions. I accepted Santa as he was/is. Here are some of Drue's questions:

How does Santa get to all of the kids in the whole entire earth mom?
How come we can't see him while he is here putting out our toys?
How is he magic?

Does he REALLY, mom?
(my favorite)
I would love some suggestions if anyone has them....

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Emily said...

Love the new family picture! My sister used Mane 'n' Tail when we were kids - which may explain why she has such beautiful, long, curly red hair... Glad you and yours had such a Merry Christmas.

The Allred Family said...

merry christmas. i hope all you presents turned out and got there on time and were what your kids wanted. it looks like you guys had a fun christmas. i would give anything for a white christmas. fun!!! i love her dress. how cute. And I love your fam pic.did you take it?

Jamie Sue said...

Don't you love kids' questions. I often resort to the "I don't know how it works" response, cause I'm pretty lame when it comes to making stuff up. My kids must think I'm really dumb though. :)

Emily Albrechtsen said...

I just giggle when I read your blog. You're so clever! =)

I'm glad you had a good X-mas and I hope 2009 brings you much needed health and happiness. I hope to see you soon, maybe this spring I can manage to get down there for a few days with my dad.


Charity said...

Hey! I updated! It's not very interesting though. I'll be honest. I just noticed that you tagged me. I really need to get online more. I read your political post. I think I lost friends when they found out who I voted for during the presidential election.
I had such a good time getting together, I really can't wait for Vegas!

The Baker Family said...

I think that The Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen, explain how Santa works so brilliantly!! I answer all of my kids questions with those movies!! Works great!!