Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's official...

My husband has always been a good gift giver. I have to give him credit. There has been, on occasion, the unusual, what-do-I-do-with-this gift. But, for the most part, he is very attentive to things I say and generally gets excellent gifts for me. I am not one for jewelry or chocolates so for him to get gifts, he really needs to think.

One year, for my birthday, he got me tickets to Mystere. Another year, he reset my ring (I know I said I am not one for jewelry, but my ring needed some help). Another year, he got me a gym membership. Believe it or not, I had been wanting one for a really long time. This year? Well, it tops them all.

You guessed it.....Hawaii!

He came to me about a week ago and told me of his plans for a trip. He has been doing side jobs and knowing me and my frugalness, told me he had secretly saved up enough money to take me on a vacation for my birthday. He was right in hiding the money from me. If I had known, I would have applied it towards bills. He asked me where I wanted to go and I said I would happy with anything! Last night, for my birthday, he surprised me with a 7 night cruise around the islands. Yea for me! I am really excited. The funny thing is that as I was inspecting our itinerary, I noticed the dates for the cruise and the dates for the airline. The numbers were the same but the months were not.

Oh Josh. He nearly had it. He accidently booked our flight for February but our cruise in March. After canceling our flights with only a $26 penalty (thank you travelocity), we decided to try our luck on Priceline. We weren't able to find anything under $500 at all the other sites. Priceline never works for me. Josh set his own price at $300 roundtrip. I advised him to go for $350 because I thought $300 was too cheap. You wouldn't believe it! We got them! They came back almost immediately and accepted our price! So.....I have learned several things this birthday:

1. My husband is the best in the world and none of you can have him!

2. I am going to Hawaii

3. Travelocity was great for not penalizing us for my husband's attempt at flight planning.

4. Priceline DOES work

5. I am going Hawaii (I just thought I would rub that in).

Thanks for all your birthday wishes. It had been a great year for me!


Jamie Sue said...

Yay! That's so exciting! Can I come? I love Hawaii, and I LOVE cruises, so I'm way jealous. You'll have so much fun. By the way, I posted some more on my blog, just like you said I should. :)

daisy said...

That is awesome! You both so deserve it!

Christin said...

You suck. I just had to say that. Having said that "I LOVE HAWAII"

You totally deserve this. Way to go.


The Allred Family said...

Happy B-day! You guys will have so much fun and I am totally jealous!!

The Baker Family said...

Happy Birthday!! How freaking fun. No fair. I can't wait to see your blog when you get back.

nateandcj said...

One word JEALOUS :) You totally deserve it. Happy belated birthday!