Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dickens Festival!

If you are bored this weekend and looking for something to pass the time....PLEASE.....come to the Dickens Festival. Our booth is there. We are the first ones around the corner when you walk in the door. I have to say, it has been pretty fun. Aside of dressing up and speaking in an English dialect, it has been enjoyable. I am a little too rusty in my dialect. It has been too long since "My Fair Lady" for me. Oh well. I will do my best.
Here are some pictures of our booth:

I missed the bandwagon of saying things I am Thankful for for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I have been too busy trying to get ready for this Festival. But, I will go ahead and add my thoughts here. I am thankful for:

1. My Husband

2. My kids

3. My family (immediate and extended)

5. My friends, neighbors and all acquaintences

6. To be alive....seriously

7. The doctors that kept me alive

8. My cozy house

9.Jesus Christ

10. Work (having our needs met in this aweful economy)!

These are in no particular order. However, I do rank my children, husband and Christ at the top of my list. The rest is an equal tie.


The Allred Family said...

Paige...cute booth! I wish I could see it better. Adorable bedding. Was that made in China??? Seriously, we need to get together on that! :)

Jamie Sue said...

You guys have some seriously cute stuff!!

And regardless of what you might think, you did great on your song today, you touched many people with the spirit you brought into our hearts. Thank you!!

taleesha said...

Look at you! Always doing something fun. Even in the middle of having cancer!! Awesome! You know that I am in Vegas cuz of my sis having her babe, and I'm sorry I haven't stopped to see you this time. But I can promise that it wont be long before I come back, and for sure I will see you then! Happy Holidays!!

nateandcj said...

Way cute stuff!!