Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is the quilt that my family made. Everyone contributed a square to represent their family then my mother-in-law sewed the whole thing together. I thought it was pretty touching. I love it. I wrap up with it every day/night.

Okay. So I am not really sure how to start this one off. I had a "simple mastectomy" on Monday morning. Today is Wednesday and while I would like to say I feel wonderful, it wouldn't be exactly true. I do feel great, all things considered. I truly anticipate the day when I will be all whole again. No aches and pains. No nausea or fatigue. Ahhhhhh, let me relish in those thoughts for a moment.

The surgery went well. My doctor said she thinks she got all the tissue but we will know more when the results get back from pathology. In the meantime, I am back to accessorizing my wardrobe with a lovely drain tube that hangs from under my arm. I think I am going to start a new fashion statement. In my opinion, everyone should try one of these tubes out!

I am a little tender and sore from the surgery. I can't really lift a bunch so I have a lot of help with my baby and the other kids.

Today, I am home a lone. My sister-in-law took my children so I could rest. I figured now would be a good time to catch up on this blog, do some journaling and read up some more on cancer. I have an exciting day ahead of me.

I am not sure when I start chemo again. I meet with my doctor in a little over a week. I guess he will decide when.
This is my daughter in her tap dance costume. I thought she looked adorable as a little flapper girl. She was even more adorable in the dance recital.
She is handling everything well. Sometimes, when she sees me having a tough day, she gets a little emotional. She gave me her "blankie" that she has had since she was a baby. She told me to sleep with it so it would help me get better. I haven't gone a night without it yet. She is so sweet.
I still appreciate all you prayers and words of encouragement.
I love you all!


Diane said...

I'm glad your surgery went well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great pathology report. Emily has talked about you and Josh so much that I feel like I've actually met you myself. We're thinking about you often!

Karen E said...

I have thought about you every day, almost every minute. I had one of those drains too, special aren't they? I know you must feel better to think all that cancer is all out of your body, and all this chemo is mopping up any leftovers. It's on to healing now. Let the healing take place one day at a time. I will email you after my first experience with taxotere Love, Karen

Edwards Family said...

Hope you are doing ok! If you need anything...(my nursing services included)...just let me know. I think about you all the time, and I'm finally pulling out of this crappy morning sickness (encouraging), so I need to come by and see you sometime. Please let me know if I can help.