Thursday, August 28, 2008


I wish I had new news to give to you dear readers and supporters but fortunately for me, I have been doing well. I don't have my next treatment until September 5 in which I will undergo two treatments in a row again. Hopefully the last! Yeah! Yeah me! Yeah chemo! Yeah cancer....I shake my fist at that one. Ggrrrrrrr...

I will start radiation I estimated somewhere around the beginning of October. I will know more later on that one.

On kind of a somber note, my heart goes out to those families of the 10 victims of the plane crash. I got online the other day and noticed that one of the victims was the little sister of a really good childhood friend of mine. Her name was Mandi Johnson. I will always remember her as a really bubbly and compassionate five year old girl. I am sure she carried a lot of those beautiful attributes into her young adult life. My heart goes out to the Johnson's and all the other families mourning their losses.

And, as a final note, this is just a picture I found of my and my siblings. From left to right:Sona, Adam, Aaron, and me in the front.
Shannon hadn't entered our life yet so she is not pictured. For those of you who don't know, Shannon is my adopted sister. Oh! Here is a picture taken a few years back of Shannon, Sona and myself:

I am off to a fabulous vacation in Alaska! I am escaping this heat to go deep sea fishing, and whale watching. It will be a wonderful break!
Thank you all!


Emily said...

Are you sure that isn't Drue in the front?Wow, she looks like you! Have a great trip and I'll see you next week.

Christin said...

What a fun picture of your brothers and sisters. Both you and your sister are gorgeous.


Karen E said...

I plan on coming in to the clinic on Sept. 5th so we can chat, be sure to let me know what time you are going in. Have a great time You still amaze me, and by the way I have had 2 good days in a row, hurray. Love Karen

Charity said...

I hope you're having a blast! The class reunion went well. I gave lots of people your blog info, you should hear from lots of long lost friends. I miss you!

Emily Albrechtsen said...

Paige I have this picture too! I have also one Story, Robert and Cody when they were little. Such cuties! I think I had them on my bulletin board when I was little. Hehe ... Have so much fun in Alaska!

xoxo Em

Shana said...

Paigealinikin - you like? He he.

Just left you a VM. Love your blog and your pictures! Please don't say you feel selfish writing about yourself and your experiences while fighting this! It's thearaputic for you and inspiring to us because of your strength, positivity, and great humor! Love and miss you.