Monday, August 11, 2008

my family...

Well, I feel a little bit guilty reading back on all these blogs. I have done nothing but talk about myself. I read other people's blogs and see how the entire family is doing but when I return to mine, I realize how selfish it sounds. I will first update on the cancer and then on the family.

They had to switch up my treatments because of the severe neuropathy effects I was having. They cut my treatments in half and do them one week right after another to hopefully minimize those side effects. I had my first last Friday. So far, so good. I still get nauseated but all is well. After this Friday's treatment I will have a 2 weeks break and do the same thing over again. I also had my blood taken for my cancer marker and am waiting for the results on that. Hopefully it will tell me I am in remission.

Unfortunately, my insurance will not pay for the BRCA test so I won't ever really have a conclusion as to what sparked this whole thing. It does worry me for Drue though. If I carry the gene there is a good chance both her and my sister do as well. It is an ongoing debate with Josh and I as to whether or not we should just pay for it or not. Time will tell.

As for the family? We are all doing really well. It rained here a couple of days ago and my kids decided to dance in the rain. It was truly a memory I had to capture and did. They are such joyful little spirits. I have been so blessed.

Ethan is now 4 months, sleeping through the night and weighs almost 14 pounds. Much bigger than any of my other kids ever were. We guessed the formula. Josh teases me now and says, "See, doesn't that make you feel bad that you were starving our other children with your breastmilk?"
Drue starts 1st grade tomorrow. I think I am more sad about that than I was Kindergarten. Now she will be gone a full day. I don't know what I am going to do with myself. She is so smart it scares me

Josh has been super busy at work. He has building pools with my brother The pool side of Cutting Edge Landscape has really taken off. They did a home in the Parade last year and are already planning on a couple for this year as well.

Sorry, this blog isn't as exciting as the others but I still do appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. They are always helpful and loved!



Showell family said...

You have the most beautiful kids in the world...gee I wonder where they get that?? And as for Drue's brain? I think we all know where that comes from, too! You continue to amaze us, Paige. We love ya...

Alayna Williamson said...

Keep talking about yourself! I love checking to get your updates!

Nikki Densley said...

I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to see all of you when you were here in Salt Lake.I have such wonderful fun memories of your Mom & Dad and the rest of your family.We did so many things together and experienced wonderful times and extremely hard times together. You're all very dear to me I wanted to send my love and encouragement to you and tell you again what an amazing young woman you are in so many ways! You also have a beautiful family that I'm so glad I got to meet and see first hand. My love and prayers are with you continuely.

The Allred Family said...

how's school going to Druebers? And your blog does not sound selfish. You just have more going on than the rest of us. All our blogs are just filled with fluff and unimportant details.