Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Relay for Life

I am only 4 days until the race. I have almost reached my goal of $100 but would appreciate anything above and beyond that. Of course, I am grateful for anything.

So far I am scheduled for the survivor walk at 5 p.m. and then I am running at 7. We are only a small team and are running for 24 hours so it is very possible that I may be running sometime in the midnight hours. If you still want to donate or join the team, you can click here!

My sabbatical it almost up so I will be returning to the blogging world soon. I have been working arduously on a project that I had to drop a few of my extra curriculars in order for me to keep my sanity and complete it.

I don't have much of anything exciting beyond that though so I can't guarantee that my blog will be interesting enough to read.

Thanks in advance for all your support!!

1 comment:

Big Mama said...

Your blog is always interesting to read.
Good job on the relay for life. What a wonderful event!
I would totally run it if I were not heffing with baby #6!
But if there is anythign else I can do, I would love to help!