Friday, February 13, 2009

Beaten Children

I have been beating my children. I am sure that is what Child and Family services is going to say when they see this.

Allow me to explain. Josh goes to a friends house and I get a phone call that he wants to come home because he fell off a scooter and somehow hit his eye. I come and console him. In the end, he is proud of his work.

Same day. 6 hours later. Drue. Cleaning the lake off the floor in the bathroom that my kids undoubtedly make everytime they take a shower or bath. I am not really sure. I didn't see. I just hear the crying. She came in screaming and holding her eye. I thought, "Aw. C'mon. It can't be THAT bad."

Okay. It was. Apparently she slipped and clopped it on the bath tub.

My only saving grace is that I have an alibi for Josh's incident. Either I have really clumsy children or am not really sure how to finish out that one. It looks like I just got angry at them both, lined them up, and popped 'em both in one fail swoop.

The last picture is just of Ethan. Just a sleeping baby on his favorite toy. Crawling Pooh Bear. Thank heavens there are no evident cuts or bruises on him. I couldn't pass it up.


Jamie Sue said...

Isn't that the way it always goes? I've never had it happen to two children at the same time though, but each kid seems to go through a clumsy stage where they have bruises from head to toe, and look like battered children.

Love the pic of Ethan, that too cute!

Christin said...

Just admit it Paige, you lost your temper. It happens to the best of us. Don't worry I won't call on you. (:


Edwards Family said...

All I have to say is good thing you're a foster mom, maybe they'll give 'em back to you! ;)

How've you been?

The Allred Family said...

Wow, what a coincidence that both kids get a black eye. For all family services knows...youa re just a really good liar about what happened! That pic of EThan is SOOOO cute. He fell asleep on that? Adorable.

Showell family said...

Paige you are seriously too funny. How many accidents is that for Drue since December? I mean really. Meg will feel a lot better after seeing this.