Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow. I just realized how long it has been since I last blogged. I am terrible. Sorry to keep my devoted readers hanging for so long. I always tell myself that this is more for me and doubt that any one ever really reads it except my family. Then I stand corrected when I bump into a perfect stranger at the grocery store and they know everything about me through a blog of a blog. Really, I guess this is just the new era of journaling. Kind of nice accept the whole world can keep tabs on you.

Well, I am halfway through radiation and so far, so good. I have a nice square tan/burn across my chest where I am being treated. I am tired but I think that just comes with the package of "mom."

To follow the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would be like everyone else out there and share pictures of my kids this season. The costumes I am not posting until after Halloween but they are quite spectacular. I went to my cousin Patty's house this weekend and had to improvise costumes for a ward party. Our real costumes weren't complete yet. Josh was a cowboy. I loved this picture of him.

It was Red Ribbon Week last week in Drue's school. One of the days was Crazy Hair Day. I was going for sort of a Sanjaya (American Idol) mohawk. I am not sure if it worked or not. Drue was mad at me when I did her hair like this. She loved the pink until I did the mohawk. She thought I was out to humiliate her. When she got to school and saw people with crazier hair than her, she was okay.

I must say, I am quite proud of our pumpkins this year. I did Ethan's and Drue's. Josh carved his and little Josh's. I got about half ways through mine when Josh pulled out the Dremmel and finished it off. I have decided that using the Dremmel is the only way to go when carving pumpkins. I have always wondered how professional carvers got their's so detailed. Ahhh. Dremmel.
This is Ethan's. Since he spits-up A LOT we decided to have his pumpkin resemble him. I thought it was pretty cute. He doesn't seem so happy about it though.

Drue's (she colored where she wanted me to cut):

Josh (he wanted a "scary" one):


Dad Josh:

Josh and I spent a couple of weekends ago in Georgia visiting his family. We went to Stone Mountain where I overwhelmed the kids with pictures in all the pumpkins. It was a fun trip.

On the Allred note, Josh and I have found out that the Allred's are actually related to Mr. Obama. Yep. Apparantly, Barack's mom is a descendant of the Allred lineage. Our Allred lineage. Don't worry, this doesn't effect my vote next week. For all those Barrack supporters, I am sorry but.....blech. My two cents of opinion is this: I don't particularly like McCain either but really, which is the worser of the two? And that is all I will say about that. I think I have been listening to too much talk radio lately.


Karen E said...

You have got to be one of the most creative people I know, everything from crazy hair day to your pumpkin! I laughed my head off (The head with a TINY amount of hair) I can't wait to see your booth at the Dicken's Festival! Love you, You are an inspiration to me love, Karen

Christin said...

I loved the puking pumpkin. Too funny.


nateandcj said...

Yes it is you that I am tagging. And yes i think that you can just copy and paste it onto your blog and then change the answers if not I know that you can just put the questions in one by one... either way works I think :)

I am living in St.George about 3 blocks from my parents.... and yes it would be great to get together!!

By the way your family is darling!!

The Allred Family said...

I'd be proud of those pumps too! They are so cute. I love little Joshy' approriate! And I totally thought Sanajaya when I saw Drew's hair. Hilarious.

Emily Albrechtsen said...

I love your pumpkins ... and your kids. They are so adorable and Ethan looks just like his pumkin! =)

No matter who you vote for ... JUST VOTE! But it's Obama for me baby! =)

Miss you and glad to hear your doing well.

The Baker Family said...

I love Ethan's pumpkin! That is hilarious! The rest are cute too!