Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ethan is celebrating the 4th in his own style. He is in my brother's golf bag cooler and completely satisfied. Notice the product placement for Nike. I should make them pay me for this one.

Okay, I realize that it has been a while since I lasted posted. I haven't really had any new news to pass along, other than the last round of chemo was pretty cruddy. I don't recommend it. Josh jokes that I am going to get addicted and end up at the stairs of the hospital, begging for my next chemo fix. Ahhhhh. Yes Josh. That's exactly it.
This last round was pretty tough. I didn't get as nauseated but the bone aching was, by far, worse than ever. I have been avoiding the pain killers until then (I can't take them and try to be a mom, they make me too groggy), but I couldn't manage this time. I was poppin' Vicodin like it was going out of style. I even tried to play Tiger Woods golf on Vicodin. I think Josh was laughing the entire time. My fairway accuracy was at a pathetic 8%.

While some of you might think poorly of us playing video games, I say hogwash. Josh and I consider it quality time together where we laugh, joke and have a good time. It beats watching television. Hey, at least it is not a game of blowing eachother's brains out. I think everyone oughtta try it. The golf. Not blowing brains out.

My 4th of July was spent at home all day on Vicodin with my mom doing my laundry. I love her. It was such a huge help for me to have her do that. Then, like she said, we went to the park and enjoyed the fireworks. Me? Fireworks on Vicodin.

I am happy to announce that I have successfully come off the drug for the time being. We will see how next round goes.

The other side effect of this new chemo dose the doc mentioned was that I may get a numbness in my fingers. Well, the numbness hit but it migrated to my feet. Weird eh? It feels like I have been sitting cross legged for a couple of hours and my feet just won't quite regain conciousness.

I am feeling great now and looking forward to my 4th surgery this coming Monday where I lose another pound when they remove my uterus and all other reproducing female organs. This might disgust some of you so if you are weak of stomach, stop reading. Josh has joked that we should take all my thus removed parts and take them to a taxadermist to mount on our bedroom wall, commemorating all I have been through. The shrine would so far include lymph nodes, a right...ahem....breast, and as of Monday, some ovaries and a uterus.

Don't worry. I won't do it. But we do laugh about it quite a bit.

Thanks for all your support!


daisy said...

How could anyone think bad of you for playing video games together... especially golf video games I don't know how anyone goes out in this heat to play golf or anything for that matter. Here's a new video game to try: Sing Star. It is great. We played it with a bunch of family last weekend. I guess it is kind of like Guitar Hero, only with singing. This one would definitely be interesting on Vicodin.

The Allred Family said...

wow....ok, so i just read this post. I have been out of town for a week. i did know you were getting all your "female" :) stuff out!!!! I just didn't realize it was so soon!!!!! Paigey! I am so sorry!!!!! I love the mounting should definitely display them.